Hoffmann  Burchett Psychological Services, LLC - Therapy for Individuals, Couples, and Families
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By Phone
You may contact either Dr. Hoffmann (309-706-5057) or Dr. Burchett (309-830-8099) directly in order to schedule an appointment. 
For those who prefer, Dr. Hoffmann and Dr. Burchett  provide the option for online scheduling. By utilizing this link, you have the option of updating your contact information, including insurance information. You may also complete initial paperwork and biographical information to assist in your treatment planning. 
To take full advantage of this service, you will be asked to set up a personal password with Dr. Hoffmann or Dr. Burchett.  Once this step is completed, you will be given the opportunity to identify your personal preferences and begin using the designated link.  
CLICK HERE to access these online services and/or contact Dr. Hoffmann by secure email.
CLICK HERE to access the online services and/or contact Dr. Burchett by secure email.
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